The "Ray" decanter will sell out!


Here's a little story about the "Ray" decanter, running a small business, and the infamous supply chain:

This customer favorite is an extremely unique shaped bottle, as far as we know we are the only people in the US who are importing it from Italy. 

In order to try to make sure we could make you all the special personalized decanters you needed, we ordered 10 pallets (a huge amount for a small biz) of this bottle from Italy all the way back in August 2021. As you may know, glass manufacturing has taken a big hit since the pandemic, so we waited.

And waited.

 They were finally produced 11 months later in July 2022. But they were unable to make the amount that was needed. We were only allotted 1 pallet from the production run of the 10 we requested. Then we had to wait some more as they traveled across the ocean and then across the country. 

They were delivered at last in November 2022.

Once they are gone, they are gone.

The next production run is not scheduled yet but (fingers crossed) we are hoping for fall of 2023 so that we might have them for you again for next holiday season. Hopefully this little business of ours will get some priority in the distribution and we will have all we need.

We know you love this bottle, and you should! It's timeless shape, hand cast glass stopper and personal message make it the perfect gift. 

Get yours while you can.