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Keeping the Home Bar Classy

About Us

By resurrecting an iconic home bar centerpiece through current technology, we offer a modern vessel that nods to the past, to house the spirits that lift yours. We create period inspired spirit decanters from salvaged bottles by laser etching permanent labels on them. Most of our supply of bottles are rescued from a broken and recycled fate by a community effort to reduce waste in the finest bars and restaurants in San Francisco’s vibrant culinary industry. Through a little creativity and some hard work we breathe new life into each bottle and give them another chance for a more permanent shelf life as a family heirloom.

Reclamation Etchworks 

In 2012 founder Timothy Daw was spending part of his time in SF’s dining and cocktail culture meeting other service veterans and experts in consumption (his future business partners: fellow bottle hoarder, Ethan Terry, and his soon to be wife, Tanessa Handl Daw) and part of his time honing in his Industrial Design skills, specifically mastering the laser etching machine at a local maker space, TechShopSF. When the need arose for a way to decant large format spirit bottles for an upcoming holiday gathering, they found mutual inspiration to recreate a relic of the past with modern day appeal, and the Variance decanter was born.


After selling through the entire stock on Etsy that holiday season the gang soon realized the opportunity at hand. They worked together with local bartenders to coordinate the collection of the empty vessels that would soon be transformed into their product line all while reducing waste the local level.

First In-house Laser Machine

A successful Kickstarter campaign in the Spring of 2013 solidified the foundation of the business and Reclamation Etchworks became a reality with the purchase of their first laser machine. In the following years, four additional decanter collections have been created, each referencing a specific cultural era creating the foundation of a home bar with distinction.


As the business continues to grow they have begun supplementing with new glass while they remain committed to up-cycling reclaimed bottles and sustainable design. RE’s goal is to create lasting products in this disposable culture and believe that sustainability should compromise neither functionality nor engaging aesthetics. They strive to resurrect products from the past with modern, innovative tools creating custom, unique family heirlooms that commemorate special occasions with permanently etched, heartfelt (maybe even snarky) messages as gifts for friends and loved ones.

Reclamation Etchworks Today 

Today, with ongoing support from Ethan, Tim and Tanessa run the business full time from their studio in Santa Rosa, California and are ever so grateful to be able to work from home so as not to miss the first years of their 2 young children’s lives. While Tanessa’s degree in Fine Art and 20+ years of business management have rounded out the company, Tim continues to experiment with new techniques in product design. Their client list may range from individual brides to startup companies to international spirit brands but they pride themselves on making connections with each customer by offering a level of service that exceeds expectations. Now with a portable laser, they enjoy bringing the DIY maker experience to the customer at both craft fairs and hosted events creating unique, custom products for you and your guests.

Here’s to you and here’s to your new home bar!


Product photography courtesy of the amazing Kelly Pulieo. 

Studio photography courtesy of the wonderful Alana Rios.

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