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Keeping the Home Bar Classy

About Us

Rec Etch creates unique, custom gifts for that person you adore but is impossible to shop for. We pride ourselves on the fact that in this disposable culture we live in, we create something that will last a lifetime and hopefully even get passed down from generation to generation as a cherished family heirloom.

What makes our products special is that they are a vehicle for your words and a delivery system for emotion specific to you and the important people in your life.  We know that sometimes the right sentiments may be hard to find and even harder to say, so we strive to create the gift that captures the moment and immortalizes these feelings forever.

Unlike spoken words that are experienced once, these functional art pieces can be used to store your favorite spirits so that each time they pour a drink they will revisit everything you’ve captured in this thoughtful gift. Every time a couple uses a commemorated wedding decanter it will remind them of the best day of their lives. We help create meaningful gifts that will last a lifetime. 


How did we get here?

Rec Etch is a husband & wife team that met working in the bustling fine dining industry of San Francisco. Tim was studying Industrial Design and Tanessa finishing her masters degree in Expressive Art Therapy. 

One December while hosting a holiday party they realized the trouble it would be mixing manhattans from an extra large bourbon bottle. At the time, Tim was exploring with laser etching machines at a local communal workshop call TechShop and the idea hit him. He scraped off the labels from some beautiful yet empty liquor bottles and created their first, repurposed spirit decanters and Reclamation Etchworks was born. The party was a fun but the decanter was really a hit with friends asking to have more made for their own homes. Tanessa convinced some of the bartenders at their restaurant to save more empty bottles and they got to work building out an Etsy store. Before Christmas was over they had sold every decanter they could make and they knew something special was underway. That spring, along with co-founder and SF bar star Ethan Terry, they created a Kickstarter campaign and raised enough money to buy their first laser machine. Nine years, four lasers and two kids later, Tim & Tanessa are still creating unique laser etched decanter bottles for thousands of happy customers.

We are actual humans!

Rec Etch is a small family business. When you order from us, your decanter is designed by Tim. When you send an email inquiry, it is answered by Tanessa. We value making these meaningful, milestone gifts and are honored to be even just a small part of such a big moment in your life. We know that these events matter to you and we want you to know that it matters to us.

Rec Etch Laser Etching

The Process
When you place an order with us it does not go through an automated process. Our founder, Timothy, examines the order, designs your one of a kind decanter and tweaks every last detail to ensure that looks just perfect. From there our in house laser production team permanently etches your message into unique, beautiful bottles imported from around the globe, then inspects the results to ensure they are nothing short of spectacular before hand packaging your precious cargo to be shipped directly to you. 


Rec Etch Tanessa examining decanters

Why us?

We aren’t going to lie to you. We never set out to become the best laser etchers in the world. But delivering these messages for you, our customers, has been an incredible experience. We have etched sentiments on bottles that have literally brought us to tears. And we’ve etched bottles that made us belly laugh out loud. Having a glimmer into some of your lives has been more rewarding than we ever expected. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to make something really special for you.

RecEtch Family