Negroni Week 2022

Negroni Week 2022

From September 12th - 18th, in partnership with Imbibe Magazine and Campari, Negroni Week is a wonderful way to enjoy the best cocktail ever and support an awesome cause, Slow Food. Bars and restaurants all over the world will raise funds every time you order a Negroni. Additionally there is an amazing shop on the website for all the Negroni gear of your dreams!

Find out more about Negroni week, the shop, and participants near you HERE


For our part, we have reimagined our cocktail decanter just for this week! This decanter is designed to help pre-batch your favorite classic cocktail, the Negroni, complete with fill lines on the back to perfectly mix equal parts of Gin, Campari & Sweet Vermouth. It's been off the market for months, as many of you know, glass manufacturing has been hit by the supply chain issues and we couldn't get the bottles we needed. But just in time for this 10th anniversary of Negroni Week, we have recreated our cocktail decanter with an Intemperance Collection twist. 

25% of the sales of the Negroni decanter this week will be donated to Slow Food.


Who is SLOW FOOD? Slow Food is a global movement of local communities and activists across more than 160 countries seeking to change the world through food and beverage. Slow Food envisions a world where everyone can enjoy food and beverage that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet.