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Whisk(e)y  To 'E' or not to 'E' The difference in the spelling is mostly just a regional preference (think "color" in the States vs "colour" in the UK). While whisk(e)y is produced all over the world, the big players in the game...
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Decant buy me love
Decant buy me love, but a drink wouldn't hurt your chances! The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift “I was going crazy trying to think of a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband, then I found your decanters.” -Debra A.When a regular...
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cognac decanter home bar
Summer Love Going to any weddings this summer? Ah, summer weddings, True love, families reunited to laugh, cry and eat the worst, over-priced catering food you’ve ever regurgitated into your aunt's purse.  Faces will be smashed with cake, groomsmen will...
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