Whisky Regions of Scotland

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Whisky Regions of Scotland

When we were trying to figure out what to write about this month we felt a little inspired to pay tribute to Scotland and their amazing and unique way to craft delicious whisky.  Here’s to you Scotland.  You are a land of distinction.

Our Four Favorite Regions 

This month we are introducing our Single Malt decanter set featuring 4 of our (many) favorite regions: Speyside, Highland, Islay & Lowland.  Are they really that different? You bet they are. How so? Glad you asked! 


The Speyside region was once just part of the larger Highland region, until it was recognized that the whiskies produced there had a different character, all of their own. Speyside malts tend to have a sweet, fruity flavor, and are more mellow that their smokier cousins.


The Highland is the biggest region in Scotland, taking up most of the country. As a result, there is a wide variety of style produced there. Some dry, some sweet; some smoky, many not. 


While Islay is tiny in comparison to most of the other producing regions in Scotland, the character of the whiskies coming from this little island are easily the boldest, and most recognizable. The use of peat moss to stop the malting process (and sometime peaty water to boot) lends an incredibly dry and smoky taste to Islays whisky.


Only three working distilleries remain in the Lowland region, but the light, delicate and aromatic notes of the whiskies produced there are desirable traits that warrant the Lowlands own regional distinction.